An evening of new punk psychotronic cinema

KHLOARIS premiered this program, “An Evening of New Punk Psychotronic Cinema,” at Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn, NY, on Nov. 27th, 2021 to a packed house. We plan to screen this again, and you can contact us at to inquire about screenings.

The original press release for the program:

New York, NY, Oct. 26 – KHLOARIS proudly presents a new program, “An Evening of New Punk Psychotronic Cinema.” The program debuts the double feature NYC premiere of: Dylan Greenberg’s “The Bathtub,” a wild journey through an imagined paper city, featuring Amanda Flowers and the film debut of Pussy Galore and Sonic Youth member Bob Bert; and the world premiere of Josafat Concepcion’s “Holy Wound,” a witchcraft-positive bloody wilderness travelogue featuring Anita Moreno, Memory Willis and Sultana. The event is at Our Wicked Lady at 153 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn, NY on November 27th, 2021 at 7pm, Free.

Also screening will be “Swallow Sperm,” a collaboration between underground comix legend Mike Diana, T.F.G. and KHLOARIS; “Affurmative Action,” Travis Wood’s satiric comedy on diversity, or lack thereof, in the modern age; Brain Drain Industries’ latest collaboration with Royal Trux, “Whopper Dave”; Dwayne Mendez’s heavy metal Hitchcock reworking “Blood Stab”; “Satellite Strangers,” James Bascara’s award-winning experimental animated film; short avant-garde pieces from Senegalese/French filmmaker Léna Piani; the mysterious “Encantado: The True Story of Lu’s Ghosts”; Zoe Alice Camina’s “True Love Forever”; Justice’s “Let’s Look at Florida”; Mark Reynolds’ profane animation and more of the weirdest and wildest in modern short cinema!

Prior to the screening, filmmaker Josafat Concepcion will host a burlesque seance, and filmmaker Dylan Mars Greenberg will host a live “Bathtub”-themed photo booth. A Q&A with cast and crew will take place after the screening, as well as a few surprises.

“We were able to gather a bunch of my favorite artists in different fields to shoot ‘Holy Wound’ in an incredible hidden New York location. We’re very pleased to finally share it with the world in this event that will be both a movie screening and a spell to summon ancient occult forces, and awaken the Holy Wound.” – Josafat Concpecion, director of “Holy Wound”

“I worked closely on “The Bathtub” with KHLOARIS Productions for three years, so we’re so excited to see it premier for the first time on the big screen.” – Dylan Mars Greenberg, director of “The Bathtub”

Some photos from the initial event: