In 2016, while one of KHLOARIS’s two principals was running indie movie studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn, he programmed and hosted a summer-long free film screening series, with a series of notable collaborators from the studios — The Bushwick Film Festival, Marcel Dzama, The Movie Friends, Cartuna, Mono No Aware, PFFR, Horror Boobs, and Nick Zedd — culminating in the premiere of two new films with underground film legend Nick Zedd. The Zedd films — were shot at the studios a week before the event, were produced by the KHLOARIS principal, edited throughout the week, and premiered at a Zedd retrospective at the end of the festival.

KHLOARIS’s second principal animated a new video intro for the event, did visual effects and animation, and helped edit during the long hours, with very little sleep, to get the Zedd films ready for the screening. While this was pre-KHLOARIS, this event led to creation of KHLOARIS.

The series was in the alley next to the movie studio’s associated artist loft building, and behind their then on-site restaurant, Terra Firma. About 200-250 seats were put out for each screening, on a professional 17′ outdoor screen, built for the event each week. It was most screened digitally, although Mono No Aware screened 16 millimeter and Super 8 millimeter film. A VHS tape trade fair was held on Horror Boobs’ night and a zine fair was held on Cartuna’s night.

The original press release, some images and press from the event:

Original art for the Brooklyn Fire Proof Screening Series by Monica Ramos.

Brooklyn Fire Proof is proud to present a series of films created and/or curated by Marcel Dzama, Nick Zedd, PFFR, the Bushwick Film Festival, Mono No Aware, Cartuna, Horror Boobs, and the “Movie Friends.” They’ll be shown outdoors on the Brooklyn Fire Proof grounds every Friday night in July and August, in partnership with Terra Firma Restaurant in Bushwick.

Brooklyn Fire Proof is proud to present a series of films created and/or curated by Marcel Dzama, Nick Zedd, PFFR, the Bushwick Film Festival, Mono No Aware, Cartuna, Horror Boobs, and the “Movie Friends.” They’ll be shown outdoors on the Brooklyn Fire Proof grounds every Friday night in July and August, in partnership with Terra Firma Restaurant in Bushwick.

Brooklyn Fire Proof, the creative complex of movie studios, artists’ workspaces, and galleries located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, has announced the line-up for its first ever Summer Screening Series. The screening nights – eight in total – will be curated and hosted by noted filmmakers, artists, and programmers, and will take place every Friday at sundown, beginning July 8 and continuing through August 26. These films and shorts will be shown in Brooklyn Fire Proof’s 3,200 square foot outdoor courtyard adjacent to neighboring restaurant and bar, Terra Firma, which will be providing drinks and food. The event is free and open to the public. Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages is the movie, television, and photography arm of BFP, and has hosted thousands of professional productions over the last 10 years. They’ve worked with a wide array of talented artists, filmmakers, and media-makers, some of whom will be featured in this series. The filmmakers and programmers will all be present at each of their nights to introduce the work being shown and offer commentary.

“We purchased this great professional, outdoor theater screen to have a few movie parties, since we have the space. We asked some of the fantastic people we’d worked with about hosting parties, and they all said yes,” said Kenneth Filmer, the series’ programmer and stage manager at BFP. “We then opened it up to some underground cinema programmers, as an overall celebration of the outer limits of New York’s filmmaking and film-viewing community, with a program that includes one of New York’s most celebrated young artists, former Kim’s Video employees, the founder of the cinema of transgression, VHS-fetishizing maniacs, and the guys that make the weirdest stuff on Adult Swim.”

Entrance to the courtyard screenings will be through the Terra Firma restaurant, located at 119 Ingraham St., Brooklyn, NY 11237. (The L Train at Morgan Ave. is about two blocks away.) An indoor neighboring venue will be reserved in case of rain. Admission to all events is free, and entry will be first come, first-served. There will be approximately 200 seats for each event. Terra Firma will provide the food, beverages, and refreshments for the evening. The full menu will be available before, during and after the screening, and most items may be carried into the screening space, including burgers, cobb salads, pretzels, tacos, popcorn, house made pulled pork sandwiches, Mexican-style corn, wine, cocktails, and pitchers of beer. Guests are welcome to stay and enjoy the courtyard before and after the screening. Food menus are available at The program is listed below. Please note that these events are not appropriate for children.

The Bushwick Film Festival (BFF) is excited to present a special night of its award-winning films! To get Bushwick excited for its 9th Edition, scheduled from Sept 29 – Oct 2nd, the festival will be showcasing several of its award-winning shorts as well as one of its Best Picture winners. Audiences can expect a night of both daring and entertaining independent films that capture the human spirit and experience in unique ways.

Founded in 2007, The Bushwick Film Festival has evolved from a local community festival to an international festival. Tribeca film hailed BFF as “one of Brooklyn’s most celebrated cinematic events,” and it has been covered by Brooklyn Reporter, the Village Voice, and Fox News. Brooklyn’s own Borough President has publicly expressed enthusiasm at how the festival has rejuvenated community involvement as a one-of-a-kind celebration of independent and innovative cinema.

The Bushwick Film Festival’s programming runs year round with classes, workshops, and content open to the community and distributed via digital and broadcast networks. The competition, now in its ninth year, attracts industry leaders, submissions of international note and culminates in a four day festival of screenings and events.

Marcel Dzama, the hugely popular artist fresh from his work on the New York City Ballet’s The Most Incredible Thing, will present an extensive program of his films, including “Sad Ghost,” made with Spike Jonze, and “A Jester’s Dance,” starring Kim Gordon with music by the Arcade Fire. A preview of a new film, “A Flower of Evil,” starring Amy Sedaris, and shot at Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages, will also be shown.

Still from Marcel Dzama’s “Infidels.”

Mr. Dzama’s work is characterized by an immediately recognizable visual language that draws from a diverse range of references and artistic influences, including Dada and Marcel Duchamp. While he has become known for his prolific drawings with their distinctive palette of muted colors, in recent years, the artist has expanded his practice to encompass sculpture, painting, film, and dioramas. Work by the artist is held in collections worldwide, including the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; Dallas Museum of Art; Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; Tate Gallery, London; and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Dzama lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

The “Movie Friends,” who have been hosting/curating a free, Sunday night of off-center cinema at KGB’s Krain Theater for the last six years, will host a screening on July 22. The “Movie Friends” are all former long-term Kim’s Video employees; each worked on the third rental floor of Mondo Kim’s for five to sixteen years. They show obscure, rarely-screened, most often “fun” things, and always with their enthusiasm backing it up. There are always prizes involved. They promise to screen a top secret old Kim’s Video favorite.

Movie Friends’ “secret” movie was The Mad Foxes. A sign by a BFP staffer.

The “Movie Friends” include cinematographer Sean Price Williams (Iris, Listen Up Philip), programmer Jeff Cashvan (Nitehawk’s “The Deuce”), and illustrator Chris Jacobson. The “Movie Friends” have been collectively working on a movie entitled Maniac City for the last six years, and while over 40 hours have been shot, it is not yet complete.

PFFR are the creatrices [sic] of cultural coffin stuffers “Wonder Showzen,” “Xavier: Renegade Angel,” & “The Heart, She Holler,” along with some various sonic flailings and artistic land fillers. While the PFFR members (Alyson Levy, John Lee, and Vernon Chatman) have been busy with many big name projects like Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday, “Louie,” “Broad City,” and “South Park,” their collective work is the strangest. They’ve shot several projects at Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages, including all three season’s of Adult Swim’s “The Heart, She Holler.”

Original PFFR art.

PFFR will hosting a night of their unusual cult content, entitled “PFFR: Legacy IX,” which they describe as “a hodgepodge of of nonsense and sense – a couple of shorts and then a slightly longer thing,” but there’s no telling what we’ll see.

Cartuna is a new digital media brand focused on animated comedy for adults. Founded by Adam Belfer, James Belfer, and Daniel Shepard, Cartuna will be premiering 11 original series in 2016 and recently produced the Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize Winner NUTS!

Still from Ian Miller’s “Cheap Joke,” part of Cartuna’s “Dirty Morning Cartoons.”

They’ll be presenting a night of animated adult comedy entitled “Dirty Morning Cartoons” featuring original shorts from Justin Roiland, Sick Animation, Leah Shore, Nick DenBoer, Felix Colgrave – Unofficial, Jeanette Bonds, Jaime R., Ian Miller, Sean Glaze, Cool 3D World, Signe Baumane, Lena Greene, Rob Yulfo, Sven Stoffels, Preston Spurlock, Joey Altadonna, Pat Kain plus illustrations by Killer Acid, Wizard Skull, and MAXX.

Sear your eyes on this selection of fun-time indie cartoons that will surely make your inner-child recess deep into your psyche and wither away. Don’t miss another awesome night of outdoor summer movie vibes! Keep your eyes out for new interstitials by Bushwick street artists!The screening will be preceded by a zine fair, with zines and prints from local artists, illustrators, and animators. The zine fair will start at 7pm in the screening area.

Still from Twiggs Gorie’s “Luciferia: Locks of Horror,” screened by Mono No Aware.

Mono No Aware is a 501c3 cinema-arts non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, NY offering affordable analog filmmaking workshops, equipment access, and film stock to the community. Through their educational initiatives and facilities they assist in the production of over 300 films a year. MONO NO AWARE also hosts an annual exhibition of expanded cinema, performance and installation art that incorporates the moving image on film. 2016 marks their 10th anniversary.

Mono No Aware and its founder Steve Cossman will be hosting “The Films of Twiggs Gorie and Josafat Concepcion,” a program of avant-garde, all-analog horror shorts by two of the organization’s filmmakers. The program will feature the world premiere of Ms. Gorie’s 16mm color film “Velvet Tears.” The program will be projected on Super-8mm and 16mm projectors. Twiggs’ statement on her work:

“All of the world’s mythology features some type of a horror story. Horror is something that is shared amongst all people on Earth. From the Japanese myth of the Onibaba to the mythological character of Leatherface from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” we all have our favorite horror myth. Usually, these myths involve a female victim and a male aggressor/hero. I employ the elements of horror story telling to tell horror stories from a female perspective. My work promotes both female aggressors and heroins. My goal is to change the face of horror from a mask with masculine features to one with feminine ones. I want to glorify the female side of horror mythology.”

Horror Boobs will present “Night of 1000 VHS Tapes,” which they describe this way: “Get ready to relive the days of the home video era; a time where all it took was a VCR to travel to an unknown world of neon spandex and ultraviolence. Horror Boobs presents a night of analog debauchery with trailers, clips, and a secret feature film all sourced from those little black rectangles we lovingly refer to as VHS. Revel in the weird, appreciate the obscure, and experience the type of entertainment that can only be enjoyed after you have adjusted your tracking. Join the Horror Boobs crew along with other notable members of the modern VHS resurgence who will be on hand with mounds of videos for trade and sale. So make sure you bring your video treasures to share with other like minded tape heads.”

For over five years, Horror Boobs founder Matt Desiderio and his crew of freaked out film fans have been busy spreading their love of cult cinema with a focus on the VHS format. Horror Boobs are on the front-lines of an analog attack, whether they are programming screenings of forgotten flicks at venues like Nitehawk Cinema, Alamo Drafthouse, or Spectacle Theater; releasing lost gems under their Horror Boobs Video label; and publishing the VHS culture and cult cinema zine, “Blood Video.” After the release of the Horror Boobs-produced documentary Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS collector, Desiderio has become the go-to guy for VHS in NYC, frequently being interviewed on the subject by print and online publications.

Matt and Horror Boobs will also have a full-on VHS tape swap in the screening area, so bring your videotapes!
Nick Zedd will host the “Sinema of Nick Zedd,” a program of some of Nick’s notable works of the years, including “Thrust in Me;” “Police State,” described by Joe Bob Briggs as a “nihilistic roller coaster ride through hell;” excerpts from War is Menstrual Envy, which Jonas Mekas called “Forbidden, maybe even evil, perverted, ungodly;” “Ecstasy in Entropy;” as well as debuting a new work to be shot right here at Brooklyn Fire Proof in anticipation of this event.

Still from Nick Zedd’s “Police State,” screened as part of Zedd’s retrospective.

Nick Zedd spearheaded the cinema of transgression film movement, and has directed 44 movies since 1979. Nick Zedd presented a retrospective of his motion pictures at The Museum of Modern Art in 1989 and 2014 as well as at the New Museum in 2013. Mr. Zedd currently resides in Mexico City where he paints, writes screenplays, shoots videos and publishes “Hatred of Capitalism” magazine. In 2012 his work was featured at the Kunstwerke Museum of Contemporary Art in Berlin, where he screened several movies and spoke on a panel. In 2013, he was presented with the Acker Award for Lifetime Achievement, a tribute given to members of the avant-garde arts community who have made outstanding contributions in their discipline in defiance of convention, or else served their fellow writers and artists in outstanding ways.

Some old photos of swag, signage and the event from social media:

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The original promo created for the Screening Series, by KHLOARIS principals, from original art by Monica Ramos.