Gross and in love

Online poster for the Sick’n’Wrong screening of the program.

“Gross and In Love” was an original program curated by KHLOARIS as part of Superchief NYC’s Valentine’s Day group show “Pretty Gross.” We were a late addition to the festivities, so we played some or our “greatest hits.” We didn’t do a proper press release for this one, and promoted via social, and with a ton of short teasers. We’ll embed some of those below.

It was a quite a success and we had a big crowd sit intently through a whole program of some fairly challenging, and deeply weird stuff in a big weird room in Superchief’s Ridegewood, Queens digs.

We did a encore of this event live with our friends at the BizarroLand (née Sick’n’Wrong Festival) later that year online, complete with a full online Q&A with a great group of KHLOARIS friends and collaborators.

Here’s our ad blurb for that iteration:

“Gross and In Love,” 2020, Curated by KHLOARIS (

July 11, 2020, 10pm

Originally curated by KHLOARIS as part of Superchief NYC’s Valentine’s show “Pretty Gross,” “Gross and In Love” is as pure a celebration of deep loving as ever created. The purest of pure, pure love, that is; what’s outside, what’s inside, and what’s deep inside (and that means loving all organs equally, not just the heart). For this celebration of subversive love, bodily fluids, bone broths, wild murderous lust, trash worship, and new forms of sex as-of-yet-unnamed, KHLOARIS selected new and old films by Justice, Joanne Leah, Dylan Mars Greenberg, Nick Zedd, Dame Darcy, Travis Wood, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Jonathan Mittiga, Twiggs Gorie, Josafat Concepcion, Kyle Parsons, TFG and Mike Diana. This live, encore presentation of “Gross and In Love” will celebrate the core tenets of the Sick’n’Wrong festival, while filling us with the hope, and the fluids, we all need to get through these unprecedented times.

Superchief’s poster for the “Pretty Gross” group show.